Our goal is to make you feel comfortable during your first visit. Once we get you settled and comfy, Dr. Lowery can start helping you to feel better. Below is our 3 step process that you can expect during your first visit.

We can start helping you the moment we hear from you! Once you’ve reviewed our process, use the contact form below or call us directly at 850-877-9150 to start determining your problem and establishing a plan for recovery.

Step 1: Introduction

After your new patient paperwork is complete, Dr. Lowery will personally greet you and bring you to the exam room.
Step 2: History & Exam

Dr. Lowery then collects past history of your pain, and then conducts an exam to determine your problem.
Step 3: Treatment

After the diagnosis is established, Dr. Lowery will begin helping you eliminate your problem.

Review & Complete Paperwork Ahead Of Time

Now that you’ve reviewed our 3 step process, you can schedule your appointment below or call us directly at 850-877-9150 to schedule over the phone. If you would like to prepare for the appointment ahead of time, please review the following forms before you come for your visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chiropractic safe?
Yes, chiropractic is safe. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment, Dr. Lowery will first conduct a detailed history and examination. During which he will ask important questions to better understand your condition. He will also use specific orthopedic and neurological tests to determine which tissues are involved and how to correct the cause of your symptoms.

Can’t I “adjust” myself?
Not really. If you twist/pull/stretch a joint on your own body, you may experience a “pop” and relief of your symptoms. These are usually nonspecific movements and could cause further injury. Feeling that you need to regularly “pop” your back or neck is an indicator that you need chiropractic treatment from a professional. In fact, Dr. Lowery will regularly receive treatment from other chiropractors in the area.

What does an adjustment do?
The adjustments aim to correct any restricted movement in the joints of the body. These restrictions can cause pain, inflammation, and in many cases bony degeneration (arthritis). If the inflammation from these joints affect the surrounding tissue, it may irritate the nerves, cause muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the limbs. In short, chiropractors treat the musculoskeletal system to improve function of the nervous system.

Can I use insurance?
Dr. Lowery accepts most insurance and most cover chiropractic. Check your policy and see if you have chiropractic benefits. If you are unsure if we are in network, call the office and we will answer those questions.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?
Not at all. While many adjustments may seem similar there are minor alterations to the technique for each patient’s needs. Dr. Lowery also uses several different techniques, instruments, and tables to adjust each patient according to the findings of their initial examination.

What if I already had surgery?
In many cases, yes! Unfortunately, many people undergo expensive surgeries with long recoveries only to find that their symptoms return or never improved in the first place. In some cases, the patient may turn to surgery several times. If chiropractic was used initially, the surgeries may be avoided all together. Dr. Lowery will be able to decide if the surgery you had excludes you from treatment.

What if I am pregnant?
Congratulations!! Many of our expectant mothers report significant improvement in the pains associated with pregnancy. As with any health care, it is important to tell Dr. Lowery if you are pregnant as soon as possible. Small changes to the treatment plan will ensure the safety and comfort of mother and baby.

Can children get adjusted?
Yes! We love our pediatric patients! Many of our adult patients experience such improvement after their treatment that they want their whole families to benefit. Children as little as a few hours old can get adjusted to correct any trauma from birth. It is extremely safe and uses only a fraction of the amount of force experienced during birth. It is thought that many problems we experience in adulthood may be avoided with early treatment in childhood.

What type of education does a chiropractor have?
Chiropractors must first obtain a bachelors degree (usually in biology or other science) then they apply to chiropractic school. Chiropractic school is usually another 3-4 years of extensive and rigorous classroom and clinical hours to receive their Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.). Chiropractors learn anatomy, physiology, radiology, obstetrics, phlebotomy, and more! In fact, chiropractors log more hours in many of these areas than their M.D. counterparts.

Will I need to get x-rays?
That depends on your case and presentation. It is not our policy to shoot films on every patient. In many cases, Dr. Lowery can eliminate enough red flags during the history and examination to initiate a trial of adjustments. If the expected improvements are not seen, Dr. Lowery will discuss which imaging is necessary. If advanced imaging such as an MRI or CT is indicated, Dr. Lowery will be able to refer you.

Will by treatment be several thousand dollars?
NO! It is not our policy to extend treatment plans several weeks or months. We do not use cookie cutter treatment plans for our patients. Our goal is to get you happy, healthy, and enjoying life as quickly and safely as possible.