TMJ, or discomfort of the Temporomandibular Joint, is a common problem that can be both painful and annoying. Many people feel at a loss on how to treat this disorder. At Lowery Chiropractic, in Tallahassee, FL, we offer all-natural symptom relief for this issue. Keep reading to find out how chiropractic care can help you with TMJ.

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What is TMJ?

TMJ is usually how people refer to any discomfort or clicking experienced in the temporomandibular joint. This joint located in the jaw works very much like a hinge. The hinge links the temporal bone to the lower jaw. This important joint allows us to use our mouths for speaking and eating.

Causes of TMJ

TMJ is often caused by stress. During stressful situations, people tend to clench their jaw. This ongoing pressure to the joint can cause the soft padding surrounding the joint to wear down. When that padding is worn down, it can result in clicking or pain when the joint moves.

Another cause of TMJ discomfort is a jaw injury. If you have had a past injury involving your jaw, you may realize that over time pain develops, or stiffness develops.

Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ can show up in several symptoms. The most common symptoms are clicking in the jaw, pain in the jaw or stiffness in the jaw. However, other symptoms can manifest such as pain in the ears or head. For most people, these symptoms are mild and can be ignored, but for others, the symptoms can become very painful and begin to erode their quality of life.

Can A Chiropractor Help?

If your TMJ symptoms persist, you can seek chiropractic care for help. Your chiropractor will evaluate you to determine the cause of your discomfort. This evaluation will include moving the jaw to assess range of motion and evaluating your pain level.

Heat and cold therapy can be used to relieve any inflammation that is in the jaw. Your chiropractor can also instruct you on exercises you can practice relieving the stiffness in the jaw.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

The amount of time it will take to see results will depend on how long you have been dealing with TMJ. TMJ does tend to get worse over time, so if you have been dealing with this problem for a while, you will need to allow your chiropractor time to reverse the situation.

Your situation will be taken into consideration when forming your treatment plan. Your chiropractor may want to address stress issues as well if that is a contributing factor.

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