If you are suffering from chronic back pain it might be due to a disc injury. Though there are several methods to treat such injuries, the Flexion Distraction technique has proven to be very effective. Learn more about this technique and how it addresses disc injuries with the following guide from Lowery Chiropractic in Tallahassee.

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Symptoms of Disc Injuries

You have discs throughout your spine. These intervertebral discs sit between your bones and act as a cushion. They are designed to prevent the shock your body goes through and keep your bones from rubbing together. Unfortunately, as they do so much work and support your spinal column, it’s easy for them to sustain injuries.

Disc Injuries

Disc injuries can cause a great deal of chronic pain and suffering. Two forms of common disc injuries include herniated discs and bulging discs. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are two separate conditions.

  • A bulging disc occurs when the disc is compressed and pushed out of its proper position. Imagine a stress ball. When you squeeze it, the sides bulge outside of your hand almost like a tire when it loses air.
  • A herniated disc is similar, but it occurs when there is an actual tear or herniation in the disc. The filling of the disc leaks out through the opening.

In either case, these disc injuries can cause pain although a herniated disc is considered worse. When the disc contents spill out, it puts pressure on your nerves. This can lead to terrible pain, inflammation, and limited mobility.

This pain worsens when the pressure is on the sciatic nerve, which travels from your lower back to your feet. When this nerve is compressed, it can cause sharp, shooting pain. It can also lead to burning, numbness, and tingling. Regardless of the type, disc injuries can make daily life difficult. From the seemingly never-ending pain to the inability to move properly, even the smallest of tasks can become unmanageable.

How Flexion Distraction Helps

Among other chiropractic techniques, the Flexion Distraction method is quite effective at treating disc injuries. The specialized table allows our team to focus on the source of your pain. By targeting the area around the damaged disc, we can get to the root of the issue by reducing pressure in this area.

As the pressure is released, any nerve compression is also released. This will act as a sort of vacuum to draw in blood to support the healing process. It also helps to improve your posture, which can prevent further injuries to the disc.

Address Chronic Pain and Disc Injuries in Tallahassee, FL

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